Understanding Binary Options


Wednesday, December 28, 2016 | 08:30PM BST

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During this webinar, we will discuss how Binary options works and provide a presentation on the platform so that clients will know how to navigate and take advantage of the platform via the Charting station/Expiry Times/Early Closure and who 24option is.
I discuss the economic calendar and open trades based on the forecast and actual for sentimental/speculation & correction trading.

In this webinar, we will cover the basics of binary options and fundamentals of how to engage the full potential of the markets
– Understanding Binary options
– Navigate through the website
– Explain who 24option is how we are the number one broker in the market
– Go through the Economic Calendar and explain how it works.

The audience my webinar should target are those who are completely inexperienced in this market and don’t have a clue as I discuss all the basics and explain how supply and demand works including the economic calendar. Also, help them create a trading plan.

Take 40 minutes to discover how to make smart investments while you living your life.

– I teach clients the basics and show them how the market works
– Make you money work smart and provide trading plan and confidence
– Learn how to reduce your investment risk
– Maximize your profits
– Acquire the basics of how to build a trading plan in order for the client to maximize the potential in trading.